Wednesday, December 7, 2016

1 Powerful Weight Loss Tip that will Change Your Life!

We are in the holiday season and we all know that its very hard to lose weight during the holidays. What are we going to do? Are we going to gain weight by eating sugar around every corner? Or are we going to be disciplined and continue to lose weight? I will give you a concept, a tip, that will make your weight loss explode and continue through the holidays. I'm not going to give you points, I just want to pump you up and give you the powerful weight loss tip that has changed by life. You can do it! I believe in you! Let's get started!

Mindset. You mean to tell me that, THAT is your powerful weight loss tip? That is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in your weight loss and in life in general. What do I mean by MINDSET? The misconception that a good many people have is that, "I have to change my mind and believe that I can do it, and then I'll do it." That is NOT what I mean by mindset. What I mean by mindset is, "STOP worrying about those things that you CAN'T change, START thinking about what you CAN do to advance yourself at a pace you can do, and STOP thinking of yourself as a victim...think of yourself as a VICTOR!"

NIKE has a motto that has been coined by those great athletes that have come before and have conquered their sport to the fullest that they could. They have MASTERED their sport, mastered! JUST DO IT. Whatever your, "IT" is, just do it. Don't whine that its too hard, don't complain that you can't do it, don't make excuses, don't envy those that have done it before you, don't become jealous of those people that have lost weight and have a six pack, don't get caught up in all the hype, don't even worry about the latest fads and celebrities that are doing their thing, just do it. JUST DO IT! If you want it, just go and do it.

Do something that the world has NEVER seen before to advance your passion, think thoughts that have never be thought before, expand the good ideas of the current status, and never ever stop until you have achieved those goals that you have set and those dreams that you have dreamed. The mind is the single greatest weapon for your weight loss. Start thinking like a champion! Start thinking like a successful person! Once you focus on WHAT you're doing, and focus on just doing it, you can lose weight, lose fat, get a six pack, or do WHATEVER you want to do! My inspirational speaker, Eric Thomas, has said in several speeches that he has given this one phrase. Here is what he has said, "You will NEVER be successful until you want IT as bad as you want want to breathe!"
~Obesity Overload

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