Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Iced Tea, Best Alternative to Soda

If you are like me, you really like soda. The fizz just makes your taste buds dance, the sugar makes your mouth happy, but you give up an astronomical amount of calories in just one can of soda. Very few of us really like to drink just water as it can taste very plain. We like our fluids that we drink to have a little bit of taste, a little bit of POP. I have often had a belly that I can't quite shake, just because I drink soda instead of water or iced tea. I checked on the calories in iced tea as opposed to soda, and there is no comparison on which one is better. If you drink a glass of iced tea with a little bit of sugar, it is normally under 30 calories. A can of soda averages about 140 calories. This is just one of many good effects of iced tea.

1. Iced Tea Keeps You Feeling Full
Iced tea is really good for weight loss because it is a fraction of the calories of a soda. Iced tea also keeps you feeling full without all of the calories. If you drink a glass of iced tea in between meals or before a big meal it will help to curb those hunger pangs. I usually drink it in the morning to get my metabolism going. Adding lemon or lime to your iced tea can give it a nice acidic twist.

2. Stabilizes Your Blood Glucose Levels
Unsweetened Iced tea is also good for stabilizing your blood glucose levels. Iced tea helps regulate the fluctuation of glucose levels. If you are a diabetic that is trying to lose weight then unsweetened iced tea is great for you. Green tea is typically sweeter than black tea and green tea is directly in conjunction with weight loss.

3. Natural Caffeine
Black and green iced teas have natural caffeine that helps boost body energy levels. This caffeine is not artificial, but it is good to drink in moderation and keep the caffeine to a low. Caffeine is used in sports to give you muscle endurance. Caffeine in soda is added, artificial, and is consumed in dangerously high amounts. Caffeine in iced tea gives you just enough natural caffeine to keep going.

4. Half Iced Tea, Half Lemonade
The half iced tea and half lemonade is one of my favorite options, especially when losing weight. It seems easier to cut your gut when you just switch from soda to iced tea. Iced tea is a great supplement to transition to water from soda. The Arnold Palmer as it is famously called is my favorite beverage, at least the ones that are non-alcoholic. Add a little bit of sugar or honey and it really hits the spot!

5. Iced Tea Not Like Water
Iced tea is not like water and will not hydrate you like water. The misconception that many people have is that iced tea will hydrate their body like water does. This is simply not true! You need to drink as much water as you do iced tea. There are little crystals that will turn into kidney stones if you don't moderate the iced and the water. Iced tea may have antioxidants, but the hydration properties that water has is just not there. Much like soda, iced tea has water IN it, but it is not water.

6. Drink Tea, Consume More Water
Drinking iced tea makes your body make saliva and makes your body create amino acids. This, in turn, makes your body want to drink water. Drinking water will make your body feel more full while eating less. Drinking water will flush your urinary tract and kidneys to get rid of the mineral residue that is natural. Iced tea can flush some nasty garbage from your body that you may not have even known was there. Water can restore the good properties that sometimes get flushed when diuretic iced tea is consumed.

These effects of iced tea make it a considerably better option instead of soda. Drink iced tea to get a little bit of taste while staying full. Drink it in moderation with water to begin feeling better and work your way into drinking all water. Iced tea is famously starred in the Duck Dynasty show with Uncle Si Robertson. Take a swig, kick back, and relax. You can drink up to four times as much tea as soda and it is still really good for you, iced tea that is!

~Obesity Overload  

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