Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Secret Exercises for Getting Pumped Up Muscle at Home

It's no secret that there have been certain exercises to working out and getting pumped. We have 5 secret exercises for getting pumped up muscle at home and without heavy equipment. All you're going to need is a hand towel or bath towel. You might be thinking that these exercises couldn't possibly get you pumped up muscle, but you would be DEAD wrong! I have used these to get ripped at home for free and the secret is out...these work to get you jacked and ripped.

1. Push-up Hand Raises
In order to do the push-up hand raises you're going to want to grip your towel about shoulder width apart. Then you assume push-up position when you're at your highest, then you try to raise your hands one at a time as close to your body as you can get them. If this doesn't work with your hands being shoulder width apart then put them closer together. This exercise will work your shoulders, your triceps, your chest, and your abs. Try to pull your hands apart as you lift the hands one at a time.

2. Military Press Skull Crushers
To properly execute the military press you hold the towel shoulder width apart and you extend your arms above your head and bring it down in front or behind your head. For this exercise we are going to bend our elbows as our hands go behind our head. Once your hands are above your head we are going to pull our hands apart while gripping the towel. This exercise will work your shoulders, upper back, 

3. Super Crunch
We are doing a variation of a crunch in which you are going to hold the towel shoulder width apart and try to get the towel gripping hands to your feet at the end of the crunch. Focus on trying to pull the towel gripped hands apart. This will give us a greater stretch in our shoulders and a deeper crunch in our abs. All of the sections of the ab wall be activated. Don't bounce as this will take away of the deep burn that you will experience.

4. High Knees
High knees are done when you run in place, trying to get your knees as high as you can. We are going to hold the towel out in front of us and try to pull those long shoulder width arms apart. You can variate this by bouncing the hands up and down while trying to do those high knees. Another variation of these high knees is to variate your running speed. Try running slower, then faster, then at a medium pace. This exercise will toast your legs, abs, and your arms.

5. Squashing Squat
We are going to ramp up the squat and make it something to behold. This is going to be a man-maker of an exercise. Assume the squat position with your towel in your hands at shoulder width apart fully stretched out. Push your hands out until you can feel your abs activate. Push your hands up and stretch those abs upwards after a few moments, and then thrust those hands down in a sort of a squat crunch. Try to push the hands apart in order to get more out of this exercise.

1 TIP (This is what makes these exercises work!)
Pull the hands apart as much as you can with these exercises in order to get more burn and deeper reps. Do these exercises every day until failure and you will be ripped and jacked with huge muscles.
Weight loss, fat burn, and obliteration of obesity is the inevitable destiny after you have used these exercises to workout. You will be burning so much more fat if you do these until failure. These exercises are widely known and you will find yourself gasping for air after this workout.

All of these exercises are variations that are designed to get the nooks and crannies that are normally neglected. They burn more fat and build more muscle by utilizing multiple muscles at once. You guys and gals will definitely feel your body getting buff and ripped as your muscles will be burning immediately. Please share this blog post, subscribe to our blog and leave a comment below to share your results and let me know what I should blog about next! Use these 5 secret exercises for getting pumped up muscle at home.

~Obesity Overload

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