Saturday, May 13, 2017

Naturally Boost Your Testosterone for Greater Performance

Testosterone is the main sex hormone, but today we are going to talk about other aspects as to what testosterone does to your body. There are few things if anything that is greater than feeling the pump of blood rushing through your veins when your working out hard. Boosting your testosterone and then feeling that blood pump through your veins feels better. In this blog post we will talk about why we should boost testosterone and then how to naturally boost your testosterone for greater performance in your workouts and athletically. This post is more for the men out there that are looking to lose weight in a short amount of time and in huge bursts.

Why should we boost testosterone for greater performance?

A. Increased Muscle Mass 
You can easily boost your muscle mass by increasing your testosterone levels. The reason being is that testosterone is the chemical that is released into the body after the brain sends a signal to the rest of your body that. Testosterone is part of what makes your body respond and pack on the muscle.

B. Fat Metabolism
Testosterone releases and tells your body to burn more of the fat that you have instead of letting the body store it. Stress makes fat store, testosterone makes the fat burn. Your metabolism increases and your weight loss becomes easier when you combine the testosterone with a good set of muscle. This becomes a winning combination when it comes to weight loss and beating obesity.

C. Increased Blood Cells
Testosterone increases the amount of red blood cells that are made when the blood marrow is activated by the testosterone. Bone density is increased as well. When the red blood cells are increased the body runs more efficiently and your body becomes a fat burning machine. Weight loss becomes a piece of cake.

How do we naturally boost testosterone for greater performance?

1. Exercises and Lift Weights More
One of the most natural ways to boost your testosterone for greater athletic performance is to increase your muscle mass by exercising more and lifting weights. When lifting weights we find that the brain releases more growth hormones in the body in order to heal the muscles that were injured slightly in order to come back. Bigger muscles equals more testosterone and more testosterone equals more weight loss and more fat burned.

2. Eat and Drink More Protein
Eating and drinking more protein increases testosterone naturally because the protein itself contains testosterone. I would suggest the men to eat and drink whey protein as it has less estrogen in it and more testosterone. I prefer drinking my protein as opposed to eating it because the protein typically tastes better than eating it.

3. Stay Away from Flax
We kind of touched on this in the last way that we naturally boost testosterone. Staying away from flax products and flax seed is essentially for producing more testosterone. Estrogen is the counterproductive counterpart to testosterone, and is in a way, the testosterone for women. For guys, we are going to want to stay away from anything that has flax or soy proteins in it. Soy is a bit better for the men, but both are counter to testosterone.

4. Get More Rest
Your body will burn a lot more fat and will work more efficiently and have greater performance after you start to get more testosterone. As everyone knows, especially those that lift heavy know that we have to rest in order to create a greater amount of testosterone. The body makes repairs and builds the muscle in the resting stage. You will find a great increase in testosterone if you give yourself two more hours increase in sleep more than what you get now. This can come in the form of a nap as well.

We have given you some great ideas on how to boost testosterone naturally in order to get greater performance athletically. I want to invite you all to share this blog post anywhere you can and please comment below to give us even more ways to naturally boost testosterone. This was a great a fun blog post to write as I find that my body feels drab if my testosterone is low. Let's get the manly muscle one, boost the testosterone, lose that weight and beat obesity!

~Obesity Overload

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