Sunday, May 21, 2017

10 Power Packed Weight Loss Foods

Many people wonder what to eat on a diet and it really is no wonder why. So many blogs talk about so many different foods. We want to give you 10 power packed weight loss foods for your diet. These foods are the best for weight loss and will really help you succeed in beating obesity. You are going to want to spread the news and go shopping for these foods once you learn about which ones they are. 

1. Almonds
The first power packed food for weight loss is the almond. Almonds are low in calories, taste sweet and crunchy, are an excellent source of omega 3's, and have several great vitamins and nutrients. These are a great weight loss snack!

2. Legumes
Legumes are great for weight loss and pack quite a powerful punch. Fiber is numerous in legumes and other minerals are in abundance. Make some legumes as a side dish or incorporate it into your meal to keep you feeling full.

3. Berries
Berries are a secretly power packed weight loss food that has antioxidants in every bite, a sweet treat, they vitamins and minerals and they make other foods taste fantastic. My favorite berry is the strawberry because I love how they taste. Berries are a great snack for weight loss.

4. Green Tea
Green tea or yerba mate is great for burning fat and has the power to jump start your weight loss back to life. If you're struggling with weight loss, this tea is very powerful in burning fat. I remember my dad saying that when he went to Uruguay in South America, the people walk around drinking yerba mate out of a gourd, with a strained straw and everyone is slim and strong. It is full of antioxidants and has some caffeine that will give you a natural boost in your day.

5. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is a citrus that is not spoken of all that much. It is powerful because citrus is power packed full of water, vitamins and essential minerals. Grapefruit has been tied to burning a lot of fat as it is a fat burning machine.

6. Apples
I can't speak well enough about apples as they are a favorite fruit of mine. Fiber is abundant in apples and apples are a fruit that will keep you feeling full. Vitamins are quite full in apples, but you have to be careful because some apples are more sugar filled than others.

7. Avocados
The seventh power packed weight loss food is avocados. This veggie is known for its hard cored center and smooth flesh. Avocados are mistaken for being a food that is bad for you, but it is simply not true. Avocados have a greater fat content, but remember, eating fat doesn't make you fat. Eating sugar makes you fat.

8. Spinach 
Weight loss foods always cover the basics, but spinach is a special food that packs so many good and powerful qualities about it. Spinach is fiber rich, vitamins and minerals are present by the myriad, and you can make a really good salad out of spinach. It will not give you special powers or muscle immediately, but it will boost your weight loss efforts and leave you feeling guilt free as you demolish obesity.

9. Broccoli
Broccoli is a weight loss, power packed, obesity crushing, fat destroying bomb. Vitamins and minerals are huge in broccoli and fiber is great for keeping things regular. If you find that you are gassy when you eat broccoli raw, then you can steam it and it will make the broccoli more bearable and manageable for your body to handle.

10. Dark Chocolate
Okay,, okay, I know that I wrote that you burn fat with dark chocolate. I bet that you didn't know that there are antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols in dark chocolate. Polyphenols are some of the best and most efficiently burning fuels that your body can burn. Dark Chocolate is a phenomenal food that has a lot of power and is packed full of good nutrients that will help your weight loss endeavors.

I have loved talking about foods that will help you on your way to that beach body that we all want to have. Weight loss can be hard if you don't have enough options to eat and fill your meals and snacks with. I would like to invite you to comment on which foods you like to eat for your weight loss and like and share this post. Please subscribe if you liked the post to get these posts delivered to your email. Good day and good eating!

~Obesity Overload

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