Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Lose Weight: 3 Proven Strategies

Have you ever been stuck in a rut on how to lose weight? Have you ever been lacking in real proven strategies for losing weight? If you are a beginner or answered yes to the above questions, then you are not alone. There is a good number of people in our world that is not educated in how to lose weight. So, in this blog post I really want to give you guys three proven strategies for how to lose weight. At the end of today, you will have a strategy that you can implement in your own life for weight loss!

1. Lighter, Longer, Legitimate!

Targeted Class: Best for older men and women and those with bad joints. 

The first strategy that I want to talk about will take the least amount of effort and is probably the easiest one to execute. This strategy is based on the concept of working out at a low to medium impact effort and eating a third of the normal calories that the average person eats in a day. Because it is a low to medium impact workout effort, we find ourselves losing weight slower, but the slower we lose weight the longer it will stay off. This is a highly legitimate and trustworthy strategy for losing weight.

2. Middle of the Road and Intermediate
Targeted Class: Best for most people and a bit of a one-size-fits-most.

The second strategy is the best for most people. It is a one-size-fits-most type of a strategy. I have laid out a diet, the ETL Diet that goes with this strategy. I find that working out with this strategy entails working out with medium impact to light-heavy impact, and eating with a diet that cuts over half of the calories of an average person. The ETL Diet that we are basing our e-book off of goes well with this strategy because it allows you to lose more weight because you are eating extremely clean and your body will feel great! I have taken part in the majority of my weight loss time in this strategy and I see an average of 3-5 pounds being burned in a week and my body doesn't hurt so bad.

3. Heavy, Athletic, Superhero-esque
Targeted Class: Best for those that are strong willed, spirited, young, athletic and strong. 

The last strategy that I will talk about for today is that of a heavy, athletic, and superhero-like weight loss strategy. I have proven that this one works, but it is one of the hardest, discipline driven, and hearty strategies for losing weight. It is based upon working out with high to very high impact and eating about half of the calories of the average person. If you can do this one, you will burn off huge amounts of fat and will feel very accomplished after conquering it. This strategy is for those that are not grossly obese due to the fact that those that are grossly obese can't workout very hard. Gook luck if you are someone that has a lot of discipline for this heavy strategy!

I would encourage you guys to chose one of these strategies to workout with. The second strategy is the best one and you get a free diet that we have already written out and laid out for you guys. The second one is one that disciplined and committed people can do. A lot of people try to do the first one and they don't get good results. If you try to take the second strategy, you will find it an accomplishment and you will feel good about your new body.

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~Obesity Overload

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