Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weight Loss Supplements...Good or Bad?

How many times have we heard about this new weight loss pill or supplement coming out into our local stores? How many more pills, miracle drugs, or weight loss supplements are they going to come out with before these companies understand what they do to our bodies? We are constantly bombarded with weight loss supplements that promise us certain benefits. The disappointing thing about them is that they don't always accomplish the benefits that they set out to accomplish. So, are weight loss supplements good or are they bad? We will decide whether they are good or bad after I break them down before your very eyes.

1. Broken Promises
Have you ever seen a little kid have a broken heart after a parent has broken a promise that they had promised them? They are literally devastated! How bad would you feel if a weight loss supplement promised to get rid of cellulite, get rid of hip and thigh fat, help you to loose your muffin top, and help you to get a beach body; and then after taking the supplement for the prescribed time and nothing has changed about your body? I would feel like beating up the makers of that supplement and I would feel horrible about myself! Supplements offer broken promises.

2. Great Benefits, Not Enough Progress
This point might tie in with the last one with the difference being that you may get some good effects or progress, but it may not give you a whole lot of the good benefits that the supplement promises. Sometimes you may get good beneficial progress and not enough progress in helping your overall weight loss progress. The point that I'm trying to make is that we can not have our cake and eat it too. You will either get good benefits and no progress, or you will get no benefits and great progress. You will rarely to never get them both at the same time.

3. New Fashioned Supplements Vs. Old Fashioned Weight Loss

New Fashioned Supplements
-Spotty results
-Benefits are outweighed by side effects
-Very costly

Old Fashioned Weight Loss
-Results are sure
-Benefits are shown and known to outweigh side effects
-Simple and cost effective

I think that we can see a pattern in these three points.Weight loss supplements are just not worth messing with. I have tried some weight loss supplements and the side effects plague me every time I use them. I don't get the results and good benefits that the supplement promises. I feel taken advantage of too because the supplement was relatively costly to my wallet! Besides all of the points I made in the above post, there is a factor that we haven't even talked about. The factor is that supplements are bad for your body, even the good ones. They are wrapped in good intentions, but they are all bad for you guys. Stick to the old fashioned weight loss or the ETL Diet that we have given you!


~Obesity Overload

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