Friday, January 4, 2013

Losing Weight - Office Edition

So, we here at Obesity Overload have talked about weight loss and what that means.
We have left out those people that are in cubicles and are typing all day.
What is a person supposed to do?
Why can't I lose weight, even being in an office?
We will go through some ways to lose some weight and get you on track to losing weight.

1. Less Sugar
Putting less sugar in that coffee that you drink every morning will give you a better chance on burning some fat. Consequently, thousands of pounds of sugar is consumed in just morning coffee alone.
If you drink three teaspoons per cup, change that to one per cup.

2. Walk
You can take a walk on your breaks, that should be somewhat frequent when typing.
Take a walk around the office or outside the office on your break to burn some calories.

3. Exercises in Your Cubicle
Yes, you can exercise even in your cubicle!
Jumping jacks are good, as well as pushups, and even running in place.
I would suggest asking your boss before you go running in place in your office. ;-)

4. Stretch
Stretching occasionally will help to loosen up those tight muscles and burn some calories too.

5. Stay Away From Junk
Staying away from junk food such as chips, soda, sugary stuff, cookies, ect...will allow you to get more fat burned away. Eating fruits and vegetables instead of the junk food is terrific for losing weight.

6. Get Enough Sleep
Getting 6-8 a day is essential in burning fat because your body needs the fuel to function and then burn the fat on top of the functional energy.

7. Stop Vending Machine Habits
Eating out of the vending machine isn't healthy at all!
Most of the time all it is, is junk.
Bring wholesome foods from home to snack and dine on.

8. Cut the Carbs
Cutting the carbs will significantly reduce the fat intake and give you a fat burn boost.

Savor these tips you office workers, and burn that fat.
I hope your week has been great!
Enjoy your weekend!
~Obesity Overload

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