Friday, January 18, 2013

Ultimate Health and How to Achieve It

In my health class in college we were talking about health and what it meant to us.
There is 145 people in the class, so we went on for about 5 minutes talking about what health meant.
What does health mean to you?
The balance between mind and body to be the best that you can?
Being physically in shape?

Most of us think that it means to be in top physical shape, like beach body and bulging muscles.
Health is a whole lot more than that.
Health is psychological, and emotional as well as physical.
We will look at the effects that each area has on the body.
We are going to talk about five areas that cover the health spectrum and how to achieve ultimate health!

1. Emotional Health
In trying to achieve this area of health we have to appreciate our emotions, and learn to take them as good signs as opposed to an inconvenience.
How you view yourself is big. If you have a good view of yourself, then you will feel better about your emotional health.
How others see you and how you respond is also something to consider.
Work on building up yourself through self affirmation, and learn to let negative talk go.

2. Social Health
Social health is kind of intertwined in the last area of health, that of emotional health.
Social health deals more with the relationships that you have with the people around you.
If you are struggling in your relationships with family, boyfriend, girlfriend, then you put extra stress on your body, and you put on weight because your body has to cope.
Instead of putting the bad relationships on hold, embrace them and try to fix them.
If you have to cope with a bad relationship, try working out instead of drinking, smoking, or overeating.

3. Mental Health
Mental health is something that most people don't consider has being in the health realm.
If you are a couch potato that does nothing but sit on the couch playing video games and watching TV, then you will find that your brain has hit the hibernation button.
Your brain needs to be, "worked out" every day.
Read a good book, do a crossword, or do everything in your day with the opposite of what you normally do it with. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand, or write with the opposite hand.

4. Spiritual Health
It is important to note that this area of health is not fully essential, but it does help in the overall spectrum of things. Believing in something higher than you can help you in your life and give you some hope.
We are going through hard and uncertain times.
Having something that you believe in that is higher would be good for moral and overall health.

5. Physical Health
Physical health is something that we haven't talked about already, but is the biggest area of health.
The physical aspect of things is the first thing people see and is the first thing that you think of when in relation to health. Get that body moving and be in the best shape you can.
This will give you confidence in yourself and will get people to see you in a new light.

You can see that these five aspects of health are all essential to achieving the best health possible.
Take these to heart and apply it to your lives as you strive for the ultimate health.
Have a fantastic day guys!

~Obesity Overload

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