Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cookies...Tasty or Fatty?

Cookies are tasty trinkets laced with sugary delightful goodness. Cookies are savory, melt in your mouth, tidbits of sunshine that make your mouth and tongue want to dance. Some of you may have heard of the "Cookie Diet" and may have even tried it. While there were results, cookies that lack nutrition are not the answer. Let's take a look at how cookies are tasty and fatty.

1. Sugar
Sugar is the main ingredient in cookies. Sugar disables your immune system and is the leading cause of fat and obesity. Too much sugar is not good for your body.

2. Fat
Butter and oils are combined in cookies to make them taste good and go down smoothly. Buttery fat includes salt and raises cholesterol. Butter contains fats and margarine contains trans fats. Either way we are doomed if we eat cookies.

Are there really any benefits to cookies? Besides splurging and having something that tastes good, there really aren't any good benefits to cookies.

3. Cancer and Disease
Cookies can cause cancer and disease. Why is this you say? When you become obese you open yourself up to cancer and disease.

4. High Fructose Corn Syrup
High fructose corn syrup has quite an impact on blood pressure levels. The blood pressure skyrockets when we consume sweeteners. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is an alternative to sugar and is used in unison with sugar to make snacks addictive and tasty.

We can see that cookies are tasty and fatty and are detrimental to society. Are we eating ourselves into oblivion? Cookies come in all shapes, sizes, and different levels of sugar content. Cookies are fatty and sugary and are bad for weight loss. You diet will suffer terribly by eating cookies. We have all eaten cookies. We don't eat them by the serving size, which seems to be two or three, we eat them by the sleeve full. Check out the video below to see what Brian Regan says about cookies! Can you relate?

~Obesity Overload

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