Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Job Edition: Teachers and Professors

I was running one day thinking of what I wanted to give you guys next. Then it hit me! I thought that I would give you guys weight loss tips for each lazy job in the world. I mean, with all of the tasks you have to do at the office or at school, you really don't have time to work out and lose weight. Our Job Edition posts will chose a job and then give you the tips for weight loss. So...here we go!

Our first Job Edition features a job that is very tedious where you sit and deal with a bunch of punk kids or adults that act like kids. This is our Teachers and Professors Edition. I have been in the same place because I'm a computer major in college. While I am on the other side of things, it is very similar to what the teachers and professors have to deal with, just at a less extreme level. Here are some tips to get you off the ground.

1. Stick to Fruits and Vegetables
Sticking to fruits and vegetables will ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals that you need while being a lower intake of fat. This will allow you to burn more fat than you take in.

2. Go for a Walk
Go for a walk during your lunch break. When you get a break or a lunch break, go for a walk and burn some calories off. We all know that even though it does burn small amounts of calories, it still adds up and can be beneficial.

3. Graze
I don't know if you have heard of grazing before. No, not the kind that cows do, although it can be similar. Grazing just means eating small amounts of food, a nibble here a nibble there, throughout your day to help space the calories out. Your students won't mind you grazing on a carrot stick or two.

4. Go to Bed Early
Going to bed early will ensure that your body is working efficiently and that you will be able to burn the calories. You may have to stay up late on some nights grading papers, but try to go to bed early.

Now that you have these tips, share them with your faculty members to help them lose weight as well! We all need a push to get going. You have your's! Now, go get 'em!

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