Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Facts the Weight Loss Industry Fails to Tell You, Part 2

I had introduced that we are doing a series of blog posts committed to telling you the TRUTH about weight loss and the weight loss industry that the weight loss industry doesn't want you to hear about and know. I want to say that I am an advocate, and would be considered a professional at weight loss and dieting. I don't have a degree in physical education, PHD's, or any extensive certifications or degrees, but I have done years of research and experimentation on my own body. All of what I write about I have done or know about. I want to tell you these truths because they are essential for weight loss and you are being lied to. I hate it when big companies and the big shots lie to people. This is coming from a guy in his 20's and has experienced a LOT. Enjoy fact #2 and being informed the proper way!

There was an article that I read about this subject. I have also done this weight loss diet program before myself. The ETL diet that I have written about is kind of like this with the exception that I urge you to eat foods that are good for you instead of junk. The weight loss industry has everyone, "buffaloed" into believing that you HAVE to eat good foods to lose weight. This is just the sheer truth of the matter.

Why isn't it essential to eat well to lose weight? It has to do with the concept that all you have to do is count your calories, eat a lesser amount of calories than what you burn in a day, and work out. It really is that simple! That's what makes the ETL diet stupid easy. Are you someone that has spent a lot of money on dieting supplements, diet foods, etc. while people tell you that, that is the only way to lose weight? If you are, you have been lied to. Keep in mind that I don't say in any of my blog posts that you HAVE to eat well to lose weight.

I went on a fast food/junk food diet before and I actually lost weight! I ate a certain amount of calories, lets just say 2500 calories. I burnt of more, way more calories in a day than that. I was running, playing basketball (physical basketball), frisbee, lifting weights, and on and on. I then tried protein shakes and put on a HUGE amount of muscle on in a matter of three weeks. I found out that when you eat less calories than you burn, whether they are empty (junk) calories, or whether they were good calories, it didn't matter.

Why would the weight loss industry lie this badly to the consumers and people that need to lose weight? It is because they make a TRUCKLOAD of money for you to buy a small box of granola bars that are great for you that cost pennies on the dollars to make. When you pay $30-60 for weight loss supplements, they are making a huge profit. In addition to warning you that junk and cheap food can be food that you eat for weight loss, I would like to add that you lose MORE weight QUICKER and EASIER when you eat good food. You can buy fruits and vegetables that are raw that you get a produce bag and bag yourself for a good price. Yes you have to bag it yourself, yes you have to pay a little bit more, but in the long run you will realize that it is better.    

I am glad that I have a platform to warn and help you guys of the weight loss industry's trick and about weight loss. I urge you guys to share this post with family and friends. They are being lied to as well! How did you feel when you read this for yourself? They feel the same way. Get out and work out while you eat less calories than you burn and lose that weight. We are right around the corner from spring and summer. Let's lose that weight and get a beach body to be proud of!

~Obesity Overload

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