Monday, January 27, 2014

Facts the Weight Loss Industry Fails to Tell You, Part 3

It has been a pleasure in getting the opportunity to educate you guys about what the weight loss industry doesn't want you to know. Like I said in the first part of our series, I am here to give you guys the facts that you need to make your weight loss more dynamical and to gain an immense amount of credibility. I want the reader to look at my blog and say, "I trust this person to know what he is talking about and that I will share this with my friends." I hate being lied to myself and I know that you guys don't like it either. I won't beg you guys to share these blogs posts, but would appreciate it. What is it about the weight loss industry that makes them think it's alright to lie to us? We will delve off into the third fact that the weight loss industry doesn't tell us.


This is a very surprising fact. I mean, it was surprising to me when I heard it. There has been studies which suggest that calories on some of the snacking and chow foods that seem low calorie are, in actuality, 8-10% higher than what the package says. When you go to a restaurant the menus are lying to you! The restaurant menus were shown to be 18% of the calories lower than what they should have been. That means that if you eat a 100 calorie snack, you could be eating 110-118 calories instead. While this doesn't amount to much, it will still add up later on because these calories are unaccounted for. Diets and diet programs run on the fact that they count calories. This is thrown out of the window when you have 18% unaccounted for.

Fat is another topic to talk about. In accordance with the calories, we keep track of fat. If the fat content is 10-18% higher than it should be, we instantly crash through the roof when it comes to fat and caloric content in a day. Fat is a little bit more crucial when it comes to keep track of it because 10-18% could be quite considerable. While it might not be enough for someone to really lose sleep over, it is still a fact that you really can't believe everything you read. Just because the label says one thing doesn't mean that it is gospel. So, what happens to these miscalculated calories and fat? They pack on your belly, legs, arms, face, and body as fat.   

I would suggest that you guys do you research on how many calories are really in what you are eating. Don't trust the labels! The labels were created by humans and humans are not error free. Get a second opinion online or get a book of calories. Just in case you missed them, we have the different parts to the other facts that the weight loss industry won't tell you below that we have already went over. Talk to your nutritionist about whether you should reconsider how many calories and how much fat you are eating. You might be surprised at what you find!

~Obesity Overload 


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