Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Obesity Overload - A Collaboration of Last Year's Posts!

Hey guys, so today I thought I would write a little something about each of the blog posts I have written. I'm not sure how many I'll do, but it will be a bit of a glossary that you can look through. The blog carnival will be a post with links to the different topics that I have written on here. I have covered a wide base of topics and have given a LOT of information. Check these posts out and please, please, please share them with your friends. Without further ado...the blog carnival!

1. Iced Tea, Alternative to Soda 
Is iced tea a better alternative than soda? Check it out?

2. New Diet is the Easiest Diet Yet!
Need a NEW diet this year? Check out this blog post to get the low down on a new diet.

3. Take the Bull By the Horns...New Years Resolutions
Are you having trouble with your New Year's resolutions?

4. Supplements...The Pitfalls to Working Out?
Are supplements good for you while you are working out?

5. Explosive Afterburn Workout
A great workout for you that is brought to you by Mike Chang of Sixpack Shortcuts!

6. Job Edition: Labor Jobs
How to lose weight with a labor job that takes your energy.

7. Workout Videos...Weight Loss Solution
Need some inspiration on weight loss? Check this post out!

8. Cookies...Tasty or Fatty?
Cookies...are they tasty, fatty, or just plain bad?

9. Job Edition: Teachers and Professors
Need help with your weight loss as a teacher or professor?

10. Be Lean, Be Healthy
A blog post on how to be healthy while eating lean.

11. Why Do We Gain Weight Even Though We Work Hard?
Why?!? Just why?

12. 4 Ways to Beat Childhood Obesity
Here are 4 ways to beat childhood obesity!

13. Do Men Really Burn Fat Quicker Than Women?
Do they?

14. Dried Fruits and Nuts
Are they good for you?

15. How Important Is Breakfast?
How important is it?

16. Fast Food...Why is it so Bad?
Why is fast food so bad?

17. 9 Weight Loss Tips
Here is 9 of 'em for ya!

18. Push-ups, the Long and Short
This blog post is about push-ups.

19. 6 Powerful Exercises to Strengthen Your Abs
Here is 6 powerful exercises!

20. Weight Loss Tools
Weight loss tools for you to use.

21. 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women
Here is 10 tips for weight loss for women!

22. Need a Weight Loss Boost? Here's 5 Tips!
5 tips for you for weight loss!

23. 5 Minutes to a Skinnier You
5 minutes to a skinnier you!

24. MMA Edition
MMA edition for weight loss.

25. Why Do We Gain Weight Despite Our Hard Work?

26. Paleo Diet, For the Carnivore in You!
About the Paleo diet.

27. Treadmill Trounce
About if the treadmill is good for you and a workout!

28. Ultimate Health and How to Achieve It
How to achieve ultimate health!

29. 40 Bombastic Blog Posts to Boost Your Weight Loss!
40 blog posts to get you rolling on weight loss!

30. Back to the Weight Loss Grind!
A blog post about getting back on track after the holidays!

I hope that you, my faithful readers enjoy these blog posts about weight loss and obesity. Please share these great posts with your friends and on Facebook with the buttons. Beat obesity once and for all and don't let it get the best of you! I KNOW you can do it! Go out and get some!

~Obesity Overload

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