Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Best Supplemental to Supplements

We are in a day and age when companies and businesses put any and every supplement in everything. Our soda, energy drinks, food and other desperate supplements. Our dilemma that we run into is that we don't know the effects that these supplements will have on our bodies. They are used and have both good and bad effects. We gladly take the next, "miracle pill" without wondering or researching what is inside of it. Have you ever wondered what you're putting into your body? Or do you just delightfully take any and everything that you want? Whatever situation you're faced with, don't just keep taking supplements, look to see what is inside it. Let's get into this supplemental of supplements and look at some tips for supplements.

1. Consult a doctor first!
Always check with a doctor first before you begin taking a supplement. The bind that we find ourselves in with supplements is that they alter our chemistry in our bodies. If you're taking something like chromium, then it helps your insulin to be absorbed quicker and more readily. This changes how your body works, what it feels, and how efficient it is or is not! If you consult your doctor first about a supplement, than he or she can tell you if its a good idea considering your circumstances.

2. Know what you are taking!
The internet is full of unlimited resources when it comes to researching things. Take a few moments to get some information on the supplement and do some research as to what is in it and the side effects of each of the elements of that supplement. Knowledge is power, my readers! So, why not take full advantage of knowing what a supplement will do when it comes to your body? Why not know the risks that you take when you put a foreign supplement into your body? By knowing what is inside and what each of the pieces do to your body, you can dodge a bullet that may be your demise!

3. Fake or Real?
If a pill or supplement tells you that you will lose weight almost magically, or that all you need to do is take this pill and your fat burns off, or that you can take it and forget about your diet than that supplement is a fake. A lot of the garcinia cambogia supplements say that they will help you lose weight just by taking that new miracle pill. This is a fake. Supplements that say that they can help you, along with your diet and exercise are the ones that you want to look at. It your supplement is making promises to you and is telling you to disregard everything else, then you know that it is a fake and should not be played with.

4. Not Toys!Supplements are not toys! They are not to be taken lightly or as if they are harmless. The truth is that they can be so harmful even enough to cause you to be extremely sick or even dead. I don't want to pull the wool over your guys' eyes. Supplements are not toys and they should be given enough respect to be taken extremely seriously. A lot of people drink energy drinks and protein shakes as if there is no tomorrow and they wonder why they are sick. Energy drinks are not like cans of juice that are merely harmless cans of hydration. They are like picking and drinking your poison. People abuse and misuse these avenues of energy and we are doing no good to our bodies, we are letting ourselves slip away into death.

5. Monitor
Monitor your body and the results that you are getting from your supplement use. Get a journal and write down what you felt, when you felt it, changing body functions or elements, side effects that you have, WRITE IT ALL DOWN! I would then suggest to make a regular visit twice a month to help your doctor consider whether its good to keep taking that supplement. You could be putting yourself at risk and not even know it.

6. Internal Organ Cookers
This tip might be a little bit horrific sounding or morbid, but it needs to be addressed. You might be cooking your internal organs. What does this mean? It means that some of the first side effects to any supplement is that it may cause damage to kidneys or your liver from excessive use. This means that you might be literally cooking your internal organs with your supplements. We take stuff all the time without thinking that everything we ever put in our mouths goes through our liver and or kidneys. When you put poisonous supplements into your body it goes right to your internal organs to be processed. Don't put yourselves at risk of death because you are cooking your internal organs!

I felt uncomfortable with writing this blog post because it hits home for me because I use supplements. I know about the supplements, what they do, side effects, and it doesn't scare me to use them. It is scary because I pity those people that misuse and abuse these avenues of what could be good effects to improving your body and health. When it comes to supplements and weight loss, we come to a crossroads and we have to ask ourselves, "Do the bad side effects outweigh the good effects and will I better by using this product?" If you answer, "yes" to the first part to this question or, "no" to the second part of that question then do not take that supplement!

I want to give a final warning to you guys. I am not saying, "take this supplement, don't take that one." I'm saying that you need to consult a professional doctor, use some common sense, and monitor your body. If you have done all of the tips above, you might be saying, "It's not even worth taking after all of the trouble I just went through." If you are saying that, then be thankful, because I might be saving your life through warning you. I am looking out for your best interest. Don't take these powerful tools lightly. You can enjoy them, but just know exactly what you are getting into before you sign the dotted line. Once you sign, there is no going back! Give us your comments and please share this with your friends and family!

~Obesity Overload

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