Friday, January 23, 2015

1 Strange Addiction! Are You Addicted Too?

Raise your hand if you have ever eaten junk food. This can be any of the junk foods under the sun, whether it be soda, sugary drinks, chips, candy, cookies, any and everything. What is the point in me asking you this unimportant question? The point that I want you to see is that junk food is an addiction. The addiction is not necessarily WHAT you eat, its how much you eat and how often. If you struggle with this addiction feel free to reach out in the comment box and get some help from a non-judgmental group of people.

1. What We Eat
What we eat matters guys! You may not think that it does, but it does. The reason that junk food is an addiction is because we crave it and feed those cravings with junk food. Sometimes we can't stop eating. We shove food in like there is no tomorrow and we forget that what we are eating is horrible for us. So many times, the junk food companies and corporations get us to eat their food because it makes our mouth tingle or because it tastes good. Really, what we are doing is drinking the Koolaid.

2. When We Eat
When we eat and at what time of day is just as important as what we eat. When we eat late at night the food becomes fat almost immediately. When we eat in the morning, noontime, and early evening, it gives us time to digest. Depending on what we eat we find that it takes longer to digest. Having bed time snacks or midnight snacks is extremely detrimental to your weight loss and dieting because the food just sits in your stomach and rots for a long amount of time. Then it converts to fat!

3. How Much We Eat
This factor one of the biggest when it comes to junk food. Junk food doesn't satisfy as good and as quickly as food that is good for you. We eat gobs of junk food and it never hits bottom. This is a strange addiction that we all go through. Eat less of the good food instead of more of the junk. The junk food companies go through so much food because they realize that their foods are not satisfying and that you will have to buy more. The problem that we run into is that the 2 for 5 bags of chips are the worst thing that we could eat a super sized portions.

I probably sound like every other person that has told you that junk food is bad for you. The thing that will set me apart from these people is the thing that I will say next. You are killing yourself by eating junk food! Those junkies that do drugs are controlled by the drugs. The drugs consume them and force them to use the drugs until they die someday. You are on the path to destruction and you will die unless you change your way and quit the addiction. I care for my readers and the people of the world enough to tell you the truth about junk food. It's an epidemic and is an addiction.

I encourage you guys to own your addiction! Junk food is as addictive as drugs and alcohol. Stop the addiction and stop eating junk food. I believe in you guys! Lose that fat and continue your weight loss and your diet. There will be withdrawals, but power through and be victorious!

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~Obesity Overload

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