Thursday, January 29, 2015

Testosterone, the Key to Burning Fat for Men?

Testosterone and estrogen are the keys to burning fat and so many people don't even know it. Do you know what testosterone is? Testosterone is a hormone, made mostly in guys as a reproductive steroid. Both the male and female produce this chemical combination of testosterone, but they serve different purposes in the body. A lot of the time, we go about our lives without thinking about these reproductive chemicals. This anabolic steroid helps your body to grow and mature in ways that help burn fat. It's no wonder that a good number of athletes take a testosterone booster in order to bulk up their muscle before a big fight or game. We will look at what it is and how it helps the guys burn fat. Let's break it down!

1. What is Testosterone? This is confusing for a lot of people because we normally link the words testosterone and aggression. These two words really don't have a lot to do with one another. Testosterone is the hormone that allows reproductive organs to increase in size, as well as muscles and bones as we grow and develop throughout our lives. If you have ever gone to a handball court and have seen small guys there with no muscle and they seem like twigs, you know that they probably could stand to raise their testosterone rates. Testosterone helps your body to feel better and gives you that macho alpha male feeling inside your mind and chest. This is the reason why buff guys get the girl, because not only does it increase your body in size, it also gives you the confidence to talk to women.

2. The Problem with Testosterone and CortisolThe problem that we face in the body is a little stress hormone called cortisol. The problem that we now face as bodybuilders, obese people trying to lose weight, and the general population is that this stress hormone causes us to want to eat more and more and we find ourselves gaining weight instead of losing it. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has reverse effects of testosterone. This is why you need to stop worrying and stressing out so much. The more you can chill and not stress, the more the testosterone will help you lose weight.

3. How do I naturally boost testosterone? 
Many guys ask this every day. We go to the doctor and he says that our testosterone levels are low. The first thing we do is we try to find a supplement that will help us boost it quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, these supplements are not always legal and can be detrimental to your lives. There are several ways to naturally boost testosterone.

          A. Peak Training       

The first is to do some peak training. Get out there and push your body to the max (without killing yourself). If you know that you can jog for 4 MPH for 20 minutes, push yourself to go 6 MPH for 20 minutes.

          B. Get Enough Sleep       

The average adult should be getting 7-10 hours of sleep per night. We normally get 3-6 hours of sleep per night. Get to sleep earlier and give your body enough time to boost your testosterone.

          C. Strength Training       

By doing strength training, you allow your body to get blood pumped into your muscles at greater and higher rates. This helps create more testosterone because your body is running at more efficient speeds. The slower you go during strength training the more you will produce.

          D. High Intensity Interval Training       

Doing HIIT is another great way to boost testosterone naturally. You will find yourself wanting to work out because you will become addicted to the boost and the good feeling that you get when you work out.

          E. Eliminate Sugar from your Diet       

By consuming sugar you make the insulin levels rise in your bloodstream and you become decreasingly productive in your making of testosterone. Your body will create less and less the more sugar you consume.

I do hope that you guys have enjoyed this blog post about how testosterone is one of the essential keys to burning fat and weight loss. We are facing obesity head on and I can't wait until you can look in the mirror and be confident about your body. Implement these tips in boosting your testosterone levels naturally in order to boost muscle gain and help burn more fat. I am fully confident that you guys can and will share these with your family and friends and that you too can boost your weight loss by boosting your testosterone levels!

~Obesity Overload

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