Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What You Crave is Not What You Crave!

Have you ever craved a food that will really hit the spot? Nothing can fill the spot besides that food. We have all craved something whether it be soda, candy, chips, beer, wine, spicy barbecue almonds, or another food, right? I should be talking to 100% of the population because we have all craved a food or drink at one time or another. You go to the store in a frenzy, pick up way too much of the thing that you crave, then you go home and eat the food or drink the drink that you were craving until it makes you sick. Too much of a good thing can be bad! So, how to we fulfill those cravings? What if what we crave is not what we are craving?

1. How do I know that what I'm craving is what I'm really craving?
How do we know? I mean, my body says that I'm craving one thing and I could be craving something completely different. How do we decide and know what we are really craving?

          A. Water: Most of the time you can tell that what you are craving is truly what you are craving by knowing how much water you have had in your day to drink. Our body craves water and we don't even know it. Before you splurge on your craving, drink a 8-10 oz. glass of water and wait 20 minutes. You would be surprised to find that what you were craving was water.
          B. Workout: Cravings come from your brain being deprived of something else in your days and weeks. Another way to tell if what you're craving is truly what you crave is to work out for 20-40 minutes out in the fresh air outside. Our body craves fresh air and being outside instead of craving food or drink. If your body craves your craving after working out for a while and getting some exercise, then your body is probably craving what you were craving before you worked out.

2. How do I fulfill these cravings without going overboard?
A lot of the time when we crave something, we tend to go overboard and eat or drink until we either don't feel good, or we pass out. I have never passed out from eating or drinking too much, but I have eaten so much that I wanted to throw up to get rid of some of it. Our bodies are not meant to take on thousands of calories all at one time. That's why if we crave something, we need to take a step back, and we need to have a little bit in moderation.

          A. Small Amounts: Have a little bit and take a step back. Let your mind, heart, and body have a break long enough to be content with what you ate or drank. Let it settle down for about 25 minutes. Let what you ate or drank hit bottom and see if it hits the spot for you. I would suggest experimenting with your cravings. See what hits the spot and the amount. You might be surprised that it doesn't take all that much to make your cravings happy and go away.

          B. Healthy Alternatives: Choose an alternative that is better for you. It can hit your craving and not be a huge dent in your weight loss at the same time. We often crave some of the worst foods and drinks for our bodies and diets. We don't realize what we have done until its too late. I have heard so many stories of people getting a pint or quart of their favorite ice cream and they will eat the whole thing! If it was a low fat yogurt, it wouldn't be nearly as bad. Eat some fruit or vegetables when you crave something, it really helps!

I know that a lot of us struggle with the guilt of eating our favorite crave-able foods. I am here as your coach, your adviser, your friend, your weight loss guru, and I am here to tell you that you can indulge in your cravings, but you need to keep it at a low roar so as not to kill your weight loss journey and efforts. I want to encourage you guys, that you guys can accomplish your weight loss goals, and that you guys are doing great. If you did bad and ate or drank too much, forgive yourself and move on to do better in the long run!

~Obesity Overload

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