Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Maximum Fat Burn Workout!

So, you want to stay in from the cold and work out while still getting the maximum fat burn? I have just the workout for you! A lot of people work out and they just don't work out to make a difference. This workout concentrates on burning fat on the abs and will leave your mid-section burning as if there were no tomorrow. You have your New Year's resolutions set and now its time to put your foot to the pedal and get those pounds shed off. The crazy part about this workout is that it is a 5 minute a day workout and you can do it anywhere you have space without any equipment next to a timer! It will be that easy to burn fat!

1. Preparation
Preparation begins with finding a timer. You need a timer to time yourself. Next, stretch those muscles. Stretch out all your muscles in your body because this workout is sure to be a killer one. After you have stretched, find a spot that is a clear space to stretch your body out to work out.

2. The Workout!

5 Minute Workout
The workout is 5 minutes long and that is it!

Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds of mountain climbers.

Plank: 30 seconds of planks (Holding the push-up position.)

Sit-ups: 30 seconds of sit-ups.

Why does this workout sound too good to be true? It's because most workouts that burn crazy amounts of fat take longer, a lot longer than 5 minutes! This workout's intensity is compounded so much that you get three times the workout in a third to a fifth of the time that it would normally take. The only way that you get harder once the five minutes is easy is to add a minute to your workout for a week and keep compounding it. This is the easiest, shortest, and most efficient fat burning workout out there.

All you have to do is start with the mountain climbers and cycle through these exercises until 5 minutes has expired. It's that simple! You may want to pace yourself because it will be a most powerful workout. Your abs will be crying for joy that you are working them out. If you can do this one 4-6 days a week, you will see the fat melt off like there is no tomorrow. You will enjoy this one because its three exercises cycled until 5 minutes is gone and then there its done. If you incorporate a balanced and good diet the fat burns even quicker because there is nowhere for the fat you eat to go. Enjoy this new maximum fat burn workout guys!

~Obesity Overload

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