Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Super Metabolism Boosters

Over the past week or so, we have been talking about fat blasters and misconceptions about weight loss. Today I thought that we would give you 10 super metabolism boosters that are sure-fire foods that will boost your metabolism sky high. Not only will you boost it, but you will feel the boost when you eat. What I mean is that you will not feel like your stomach is full for long. You will feel like you need something else to eat in only a little while. This is your metabolism working overtime to burn as much food, fat, and excess sugars that are sitting in and on your belly. Let us begin!

1. Tea
Tea is a great antioxidant that helps to move sugar cells from your body and into the furnace to be burned as energy. I normally drink a dark tea because they take longer to digest and help to burn more calories in the long run.

2. Chili Pepper 
Chili peppers are jam packed full of a compound called capsaicin that helps curb your appetite and has benefits for your weight loss. Habaneros, chili, cayenne, jalapenos, and eve Tabasco sauce are a few peppers and pepper products that you can incorporate into your diet.

3. Ice Cold Water
Drinking ice cold water lowers the temperature of your body and forces your body to burn calories to warm itself back up after being dropped lower than normal. Water in general boosts your metabolism, but ice cold water makes your body work even harder to burn that fat.

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal packs a punch in the way of fiber and is a super-food when it comes to giving you lots of energy. That is why so many people eat oatmeal for their breakfast. It then requires more calories and energy to burn off and try to digest the fiber in oatmeal. Your stomach will be shoved into metabolism overdrive with this one!  

5. Lemonade
Really, any sort of citrus drink or adding lemon juice to a meal can and definitely will boost your metabolism. Citrus is high in vitamin C and the acid in its contents helps to kick up the stomach acids to create a more combustible metabolism and stomach that shreds that food apart.

6. Fish
Leaner fish out there are great sources of metabolism boosting omega 3 acids that are essential in muscle building proteins. Some examples are, salmon and tuna. Eat these fish with a sprinkle of lemon juice over the top, and grab a glass of ice cold water for metabolism boost.

7. Papaya
Papayas contain an enzyme called papain which improves digestion and absorption in the stomach and into the body. This exotic fruit could be just the boost that you needed in your metabolism boosting diet to push you into fat burning central.

8. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate, believe it or not, can boost your metabolism! Dark chocolate contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols that help your belly to destroy that fat without the unwanted and refined sugars of regular candy bars and chocolate. Add a few nibbles of dark chocolate to your diet and boost that metabolism!

9. Apples
Snacking on apples is a very practical way to boost your metabolism because they are low in calories, but they require more calories to burn them off due to the amount of fiber in them. They are chocked full of good vitamins and minerals to balance out your diet and give you more benefits than just raising your metabolism.

10. Celery
Eating celery is like munching on a fiber rich food that has virtually no calories! In fact, in Weight Watchers, they are completely free to eat. Celery is a natural diuretic and helps to get rid of excess water that could be weighing you down. The energy you would need to burn celery outweighs the amount of calories that the celery even contains.

Take these 10 super metabolism boosters and go boost your metabolism sky high. I mean, who wants to just sit on the couch and hope that they will lose weight? I have given you the tools to boost that metabolism. Use these 10 boosters and workout for maximum metabolism boost. You will definitely feel the burn in your stomach as is asks for more food and water in an even short amount of time than you would have expected!

~Obesity Overload

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