Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Batman Workout...1 Batty Workout

A lot of us have seen the Batman series and think of him as a hero that has been under rated because he doesn't have a super power. Batman has a great physical body that we all wish we had. We really don't give these super heroes credit for being ripped, strong, and able to save a lot of people. He was Gotham's savior and enemy at the same time. His workout is a very impressively exhausting workout that will leave you healing your strained and worked muscles for days. If you want a good ab workout that will rip your abs, take a look!

1. Muscle Groups Worked
Let's be honest, to lose weight you have to build some serious muscle to burn some fat. The Batman workout utilizes all muscle groups and tends to not leave any out of the mix. It is a leg heavy, ab heavy workout that will leave your legs and abs torched. My shoulders were even feeling like they were extremely sore. Get ready to work out all of your muscle groups and really get some bat-like muscle.

2. Fat Burn
The fat burn aspect of the Batman workout is something to be desired because it is mostly a workout that builds muscle. the exercises are built to build your abs and get the ball rolling towards the fat burn. Don't get me wrong, there is fat being burned here. There is fat burned with any and every workout, but some have more fat burned than others.

3. Variety of Exercises
This workout tends to be on the more interesting side of things because of how many exercises there are. There are 9 exercises altogether to help work your major muscle groups beyond what you thought you would get from a workout. The Batman workout doesn't just focus on crunches and push-ups. There are exercises that utilize the push-up, plank, crunches, and leg raises until absolute failure. Below is picture of the workout to get you guys going on losing that weight and doing the workout! Click on the picture to make it bigger!

So, now that we have analyzed and looked at the Batman workout, get out there and get going to build the muscle that will, in turn burn the fat. I hope that all of your fat loss programs are going well and I wish you all the best. We all want to look like Batman with those layers of muscle that are like body armor that will give you one great, batty body that you can fight crime with! Enjoy this batty workout...The Batman Workout!

~Obesity Overload

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