Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Should I Lose Weight?

Your sitting there among your friends and several of them appear to be either hungry from dieting and trying to lose weight, or they are exhausted from working out trying to lose weight. I'm going to play devil's advocate today and ask, "Why?" "Why should I lose weight?" I mean, if it's so incredibly hard to diet and lose weight, why should you even do it? If you have never asked yourself this question, now is the time to do do it. Why should you lose weight if you have never done or thought about it before? Let's get into why you should lose weight!

1. You Will Feel Better
You will feel considerably and exceedingly better if you were to lose weight and be at a healthy weight. Millions of overweight people suffer from broken down feet, shin splints, bouncing fat, overhanging fat rolls, high blood pressure, and lots of other things. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from obese related diseases and they just don't feel good. They appear to look like they are living life to the fullest, eating what they want, and doing no exercising, but they don't feel good.

2. People Will Notice You More
For lots of us, we want to recognized more and we want to be more popular, but we find that being overweight causes people to misjudge us. The people that get bullied are the overweight people. The people that are outcast or ignored are the overweight, obese people. If you were to take up the Batman Workout that we talked about in the last post, and you executed it 3-4 days a week, you would lose weight and feel better about yourself. This, in turn, helps others to feel better about you as well!

3. You Accomplish Your New Year's Resolution!
Let's be bluntly honest with ourselves, the large majority of people make a New Years resolution to lose weight or get a ripped body. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands and millions of people that make this New Year's resolution, then you can rest assured that this is a great reason in and of itself for you to lose weight. Check out our post from last year on making New Year's resolutions and accomplishing them!

4. Smaller Clothes
If you lose weight, you will be able to wear smaller clothes! I know that this is a simple concept that we take for granted, but it will literally allow you to wear 2-4 sizes smaller clothes-wise. You may find that smaller clothes instead of those ugly sweats and sweatshirts will be better looking, confidence raising, clothes that are easy to wear. Some of you may have seen the TLC show What Not To Wear. These people get a makeover on their clothes and facial features. While it isn't losing weight for most of them, they still look as though they have a new life after changing just their clothes! I'm urging you to lose the weight, and get better clothes! 

5. More Energy
If you were to lose weight you would have more energy for more activities in your day. You would not believe the amount of energy that you would have if you would lose weight and drink enough water. The energy would be gushing out of you in large amounts. "I don't want any more energy," said no one ever! You will be able to have more energy without having to drink an energy drink, it will be all natural and you will feel better. It may take a bit getting used to!

For all of these very logical and profitable reasons, you should lose weight! It will be highly profitable and will allow you a new lease on life that will free you to begin a new life. People will look at you differently after your weight loss. Accomplishing a New Year's resolution is another excellent reason that stands alone. If you aren't convinced that weight loss is right for you, no one is going to force you to lose weight. Do it if you want to, but you are missing out on a crazy good life of not carrying around extra weight!

~Obesity Overload

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