Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Fat

I was sitting here evaluating the kinds of blog posts that I've written over the years and I have written one on fat, but never got too in depth in it. Today we are going to get into the facts about fat and make a cheat sheet on fat. We will get into how it is formed and how to get rid of it. Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I had the facts and tools to combat fat, body fat, or just fat in general"? Let's get into this ultimate cheat sheet and get down to the flab of the matter.

1. What is Fat?
Simply defined, fat is the cells that are stored in permanent storages that are being saved as energy for a time when you could be starving. You have a certain amount of fat cells in your body. When we are losing weight, the cells simply shrink to very small sizes.

2. Where does Fat Come From?
Fat comes from sugar that we eat and consume in large amounts in our day from soda, to candy, to other foods that have sugar. We do gain some weight from eating fatty foods like pork, added spreads (mayo, or dressing), or processed foods that are injected with tons of fat to make the food taste better.

3. How Do We Lose Fat?
The million dollar question then is, "How do we lose fat?" If we gain it from all these different sugars that we're eating, it must be hard to lose that fat. It is extremely hard to lose fat when we eat and drink as much sugar as we do as Americans. We drink our 34 oz. soda at lunch at a fast food restaurant and it really does us no good in our weight loss. Cutting just soda or sugary drinks helps you lose a large amount of fat. Eating leaner foods also helps lose that fat.

4. Why Do We Gain Fat So Easily?
A lot of us gain fat so easily, almost as easily as breathing in air. Why is it that we gain fat so easily? We gain fat so easily because we don't make conscious attempts to avoid sugar and fat in our days. We don't drink water when we go to restaurants, we eat candy wherever we can, and then we wonder why we gain fat so easily. These aspects scare scientists and statisticians because we are gaining fat and weight as fast as any other time in history.

5. Fat Burners!
Are there foods that I can eat or is there something I can do to burn large amounts of fat? Oh yes, there are good amounts of fat burners! Iced tea is good for burning fat, as well as, spicy foods, citric foods or drinks, and grains. Exercises that burn fat are cardio, aerobic, body weight, High Intensity Interval Training, and high running sports such as basketball, football, or soccer.

6. Why do we Need to Lose Fat?
This question is often asked by people that don't seem to care about their health or about losing weight. The main reasons that we need to lose fat is that we put ourselves more at risk for heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lots of other diseases if you don't lose fat and weight. Your body runs more efficiently when you don't have energy flowing to the fatty spots to keep them sustained.

7. Are Men or Women More Likely to Gain Fat?
A good number of people don't really know if men or women are more likely to gain fat. The truth is that women are more likely to gain fat. The reasons are mainly biological because when women have children their bodies pile on the pounds and those pounds stay on even after pregnancy. Women also have hormones surging through their bodies that cause them to be more vulnerable to gaining fat.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this ultimate cheat sheet on fat. Use this knowledge to help you lose fat and weight in turn. Don't let another day pass when you don't start your diet and weight loss. It is crucial that you lower your fat percentages in your body. Do it for your family, a special someone, and even most importantly...yourself.

~Obesity Overload

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