Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Will Weight Loss be Like in 10 Years?

Have you ever thought about this question or one that is similar to it? I think that very few of us have ever thought about it. We barely think about what our weight loss will look like today, tomorrow, or maybe even a few days from now. We are a very narrow minded people to only focus on what we will be doing in the next few minutes. I want to think hypothetically and think on the wild side of things. Let's go into our time traveling machine and imagine what weight loss will be like in 10 years!

I think that weight loss in 10 years will be just like everything else we're doing these days, but it will be faster and less likely to make you upset. I'm not saying it will be instantaneous, but I believe that it will be faster than what it is now. Right now, we rely on food and drink and exercise to help us lose weight. It just seems to take so long when it comes to weight loss. I mean, in today's day and age, it takes a week to lose 2-4 pounds if you're lucky.

In ten years we are going to be into nanotechnology even more than we are now. I believe that we will be making patches that we can buy to lose the weight in a quick and painless fashion. Why patches? I believe that it will be patches because I believe that it will take very little medicine on a patch that can enter your blood stream through your skin to lose weight. I think that the technology that we will have in ten years will surpass us and pass us by with a roaring thunder. Check out the short video below. Think about the patches being weight loss and how crazy that would be!

If we can help to stop smoking with patches, we can surely help people lose weight. In addition to the patches, I believe that there will be another method of weight loss, such as laser surgery. I can see the technology of the laser being so advanced that you can shrink fat cells with a laser to lose weight, maybe even permanently. It would be so crazy if we could have a surgery and have the cells shrunken by a laser to the point where they almost didn't come back.

I also think that there could be a possibility of there being a food or drink that we could eat and burn fat like never before. There are super foods that help us burn the fat, but wouldn't it be wild if there was a pro-biotic that burned fat while it was in your stomach? The pro-biotic would be a bit of a good disease that would thrive in the body. If technology advances even more than it is now, we could be looking at methods for weight loss that could be quite the ground breaking event.

We have looked at what weight loss could look like in 10 years. As we come back to earth in the real time of our generation, be encouraged that weight loss could be on its way to some great and glorious things. When it becomes something that is as easy as putting a patch on, or getting a laser surgery, or even eating a pro-biotic, it will be something to behold because it will not take us as long to lose weight. We will be a fitter people and maybe obesity will be no more. Maybe it will be a thing of the past!

~Obesity Overload

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