Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why do we Eat When we Are Not Hungry?

I was here at home and I was thinking about weight loss and dieting. Last night we didn't have a whole lot of money to go and get some food. The fridge was empty, the cupboards were empty, and we were low on food in the house. I must have checked those places a million times for food. I had downed three bottles of water, but my body felt hungry no matter what I ate. Have you ever wondered why we eat even when we are not hungry? We are going to get into why we eat when we are not hungry.

1. Not Enough Water!
We do not drink enough water in our lives and we are a dehydrated people in the world. We don't drink enough water and our bodies long for water. Your hunger pangs could be your body asking for water. All too often, we pick up a soda or an energy drink and we drink those choices instead of drinking water. Our bodies are made of 70% water, and we have to replenish that quicker than we have to replenish our food.

2. We Are Bored!
All too often, we eat because we are bored or we have nothing to do. Pick up a new hobby, sport, or do something with your friends. We seem to think that we need to eat something because we have nothing to do. If you pick up an athletic hobby, you can lose weight while enjoying a hobby, and you will not be thinking about food. If we give ourselves a chance to preoccupy our minds with something else, then our body will forget about eating and will focus on whatever else you are doing.

3. We Mistake Our Level of Hunger
What I mean by this is that we forget that we aren't hungry, but that we are actually full when we are eating. We don't let our food hit bottom before we begin eating more after our first serving of our meals. Slow down and really let your body feel if you are indeed hungry for more food. A lot of times we will be at a restaurant, and we eat too much food in the restaurant. Rather than getting a box and eating half the food and boxing up the other half, we eat it all. It takes 20 minutes for your body to feel your food hit bottom. Give it time!

4. We Don't See What we are Eating
We don't see what we are eating and what what we want to eat. All we are concerned with is eating what we want to eat, when we want to eat it, and we don't like it when we think about it. I would suggest getting a journal to write down what you are eating, it's calories, and I want you to see what it is that you are eating. Just by doing this, you will realize that you may have eaten a lot of food.

Put these tips into action into your life and don't be afraid to let your stomach go hungry. You may find that drinking a bottle of water instead of eating could be better for you than eating that food that you want. Slow down and realize what you are doing before you do it. Get out of the house and get going to do something else besides thinking about food all of the time!

~Obesity Overload

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