Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Are in All Out War!

I believe wholeheartedly that we are in an all out war. We find ourselves on the precipice of a war that will be on the grand scale. It is a world wide, full scale war that we are in. The Battle of the Bulge (Obesity) is a war that we have been fighting for centuries and it has taken many casualties. We all have fat and or are obese. Join us in fighting in this all out war and help us take up arms against the forces of junk food, obesity, fat, and gluttony! Check out these ways in which we can help ourselves and fight in this all out war for our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and for the world to come!

1. Realize that You have a Problem!A lot of us have excessive amounts of fat and weight and we are obese. We need to accept that we are overweight, obese, and that we have too much fat. The first step in beating addiction is to admit you have a problem. In our case, we are going to beat the addiction of eating and of food. This is the first step in our all out war.

2. Break the Habit
The second step is to break the habit. We have bad habits that need to be broken. It is like the opposing forces have planted bombs (bad habits) inside of our bodies through psychological warfare. The junk food and fast food industry has infiltrated our lines and have instilled bad habits. It takes 20 times of doing something to create a good habit.

3. Don't Settle for Garbage
The third step is to stop settling for garbage. What I mean by this is to stop thinking that there is no food in the house. The apple in the drawer or banana in the cabinet is perfect for you to eat. So often we skip over the good foods and go for the garbage. Stop settling for fast food because its fast, stop settling for junk food because its cheap, and stop eating foods that poison you.

4. GET UP!
When a soldier is called to duty, he doesn't just sit there, he gets up, he trains, and then he conquers! Get up off of your rear end and get going on your exercising to change your body and lose weight. Become the soldier in the Battle of Obesity that you were intended to become ever since you started making bad choices. Go out and do good!

5. Use Common Sense
Use common sense in your dieting, weight loss, how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat it. Stop being stupid and pitiful. Eat good things, be smart, and use some common sense. In an all out war, we find ourselves all taking part. If you don't do your part, then you will give your children and their children nothing but death by obesity to look forward to.

I'm sorry to say this, but we find ourselves close to the fire. The war is in our homes, in our cabinets, in our fridges, in our pantries, in our freezers, it is in our hearts, and is casting shadows off of our bodies like a miniature mountain. Join me in this huge battle and war. We have gone over a huge variety of topics in our blog posts over the years, so you guys can take a look at them for tips and ways to help you with this war. If there is a weight loss topic that you think needs to be addressed, put it in the comment box below. Help us fight by commenting and give us your ways that you are fighting the war against obesity and fat. We can all do our part! Will you do your's?

~Obesity Overload

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