Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Diet Soda, is it Really Worse than Regular?

I was sitting here looking at a can of Diet Dr. Pepper that one of my family members had bought. There has been a long debate and it still rages on as to which is worse, diet or regular? I would like to keep the debate going and really give you guys a post to read, and then I would like for you to decide which is worse. You be astounded on which is worse. You may have a hard time figuring out which is worse. Let's look at the facts and see if we can decipher which is worse!

1. Diet Soda...Cancerous
It is true that diet soda is filled with chemicals that are cancerous for your body, but what would you say if I told you that sugar is the fuel by which cancer existed? You would tell me I was crazy! I speak the truth! Sugar weakens the immune system in the body and gives cancer a fuel and foothold, by which it chokes you and kills you.

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup...Killer
You may not have noticed this, but high fructose corn syrup kills many people everyday. HFCS's cause your body to crave those drinks and foods that contain them and you are forced into addiction. HFCS's kill your immune system and liver, cause your insulin to skyrocket, and sometimes contain mercury. Guess which sodas have it...BOTH diet and regular!

3. Sweeteners Trigger Fat Storage
It really doesn't matter which one you drink, both sugar and artificial sweeteners trigger your insulin in your bloodstream and cause your body to go into fat storage mode. If you couple this with the HFCS that is something that makes your body hungry, you get the ultimate fat machine, your body! Both sugar and artificial sweeteners do this.

4. Increased Risk of Diabetes
Diabetes may not sound like its all that bad, but you can ask anyone that has it and they would gladly trade soda to get rid of it. Diet soda has been linked to giving a person upwards of 30% greater risk of getting diabetes. Regular soda is right there with sugar to help you get there the same way, just in case you're interested.

5. No Nutritional Value
Have you ever noticed that soda has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever? Some sodas have natural fruit juice, but it consists of 5% of the soda or less. This is not enough to even mention. Soda is so ridden with sugar or artificial sweeteners and sodium that we find no nutritional value in it.

6. Sodium
You may not have noticed, but there is sodium or salt in your soda, whether you drink regular or diet. Sodium is something that our body needs some of, but we find it in excess amounts in our body that causes everything to be thrown off kilter. Salt is linked to high blood pressure and is known for overworking kidneys.

7. Alternatives?
There is only one alternative that I would suggest drinking that would be worth your time and your money. That alternative is water, just plain old water. You can get it from the tap or you can get it in an assortment of minerals or not in bottles. Iced tea and lemonade that is all natural is something else you can try. Both are better than soda.

Which one is better for you? Diet? Regular? Neither? I hope that I have provoked a lot of thought processes in your mind and hopefully you can appreciate the situation that we face everyday. If you can't answer which is better or if either of them have any good value, then it might behoove you to stop drinking them. Please, go to the comment box below and give your reasons that you drink diet or regular soda and tell us which one is better. Share these tips with family and friends! Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your day!

~Obesity Overload

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