Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vaccinations, the Shot of Health

Okay, so your question right now is, "What does vaccines have to do with obesity or weight loss?" Or, "How is immunization going to help me lose weight and or help me on my diet?" Vaccines can be as helpful as saving your life from a horrific disease, or as helpful as keeping you healthy through cold and flu season. As somebody that has had a chance to get a free flu shot, I am saddened to say that I skipped on the shot and I have had the worst strain of the flu I've ever experienced in my life. I was set back a whole month with being sick from my weight loss goals. Take advantage of this inexpensive resource and lower your chances of getting sick.

1. Vaccines Save Lives
I would like to write for a moment for the skeptic in us all. I know a lot of people are thinking, "you get the disease that you're trying to prevent when you get a shot." I would like to say that there is a slight possibility of getting the disease. There is also a slight possibility that you die while driving in your car to or from wherever you're going. There is a greater possibility of preventing a disease and eradicating it than there is of catching something from a shot. It's illogical to think that you're going to die from getting a flu shot. Granted, there are some people on the rarest of occasions that have died, but a really high percentage keep people from getting sick, and they save lives!

2. Safe
There is not enough of the mercury that is in the contents to make a difference. On top of that the germs that are being put into your body is not enough to make you sick. Most vaccinations are done in steps and your body is monitored to see how your body reacts to the vaccine. By getting a flu shot, you lower the percentages that the immediate people around you will get diseases as well. It is safe for your body and the people around you as well. By keeping your body (computer) safe from viruses or diseases, you keep your body (the computer) running smoothly and it allows you to continue your weight loss, dieting, and fat loss. Vaccinations build your body's immunity against the disease for future times.

3. Saves Money
This might be one of those heartless points that we are going to go over. The straight and blunt truth is that, when you are healthy, you save money from not having to go to the doctor for being sick. You may have great medical benefits and you may not have to pay that much money, but for a good many people, you can save a pretty penny from just getting the vaccination. Money may not be a struggle for some people, but for the middle class, a vaccine could mean saving hundreds of dollars.

4. Major Diseases Eradicated
There were major diseases that was taking our world by storm. The main ones were smallpox and polio. Smallpox was a virus that was extremely contagious and the disease left permanent scars on your body, and was deadly for most of the people that caught it. There was no turning back once you got it. It was like getting the Ebola virus. Polio is an infectious viral disease that attacks your nervous system and causes temporary and permanent paralysis. The Polio virus is preventable if you get a vaccine shot at a young age. The Polio virus was not fully eradicated, but it is very nearly eradicated. Several diabolical diseases have been eradicated because individual people got vaccinated.

5. Vaccines, the Shot of Health
Vaccines could be the one thing that keeps your body healthy enough to work out and lose weight. I wasted a whole month being sick from the cold and the flu. I implore you to get your vaccination shots, if not for your own health, for the health of those people around you. The measles have been going around this year among children. This can be an epidemic that can not be contained, or you can get your child vaccinated and stop the epidemic. Weight loss, dieting, and fat loss to destroy obesity relies on your nervous system and body being healthy. We come to a crossroads and we try to weigh out the PROS and CONS for vaccination. The PROS are vastly more numerous than the CONS. Get your shot of health, get your vaccination!

Vaccination and being immunized is a huge debate that is going on in our world. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this subject in the comment box below. I think that vaccinations are harmless and can do so much good, but people stress too much on the smallest numbers. We see the numbers of the rarest cases that get the disease and we say, "Well, what's to stop me from getting that too?" The problem with this question is that medical technology has come along so far in monitoring your body that there is almost no chance of you getting sick from vaccines. Vaccination and immunization is power. Get your shot of health! Vaccines...your weight loss boost!

~Obesity Overload


  1. Great blog post about vaccinations! Car crashes are not voluntary, but vaccines are. Nonetheless, I am convinced that they are worth getting for colds and flus. People need to get over the rare percentages of getting something, they need to suck it up, and they need to get vaccinated.

  2. Vaccinations are something that can not be trusted. It's hard to say that we can prevent disease. Sucking it up and getting vaccinated doesn't seem like it's the best thing to do. I think that I might get vaccinated myself, but children are more precious and are more susceptible to disease. Just my opinion!