Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rethink Dieting...Smaller not Bigger!

I was listening to an inspirational speaker last night and he said something that really rung true in my heart and my head. Here is what he said, "Weight loss and dieting is not about big decisions, its about the smaller ones that feed off of one another that gives you success!" What does this mean for dieting and weight loss? How does making smaller choices get anywhere when I have so much weight to lose? We are going to rethink the way we look at dieting and weight loss. We are going to gain a new appreciation for the smaller things instead of the bigger things and get off on a great foot when it comes to weight loss and dieting!

1. Why Think Smaller? 
The first question that I want to answer is the one of, "Why think smaller?" We think that because we have so much weight to lose that we need to do dramatic things and make huge decisions in order to accomplish greater and quicker weight loss. The reason behind thinking smaller is that your brain will see that it is accomplishing those smaller goals and decisions and you will feel inspired to keep going. Our diet should depend on the little decisions that we make by eating one meal better a day and then building off of that. There is a reason why we fail when we make big decisions. It is because we set ourselves up for failure. Think smaller and get greater results. Instead of going cold turkey, work yourself into your weight loss and diet.

2. The Problem with Thinking BigThe problem with thinking big was kind of touched on in the last point, but I want to expand on what I was saying. We think big because be want big weight loss gains, we want to lose the weight in three days, we think that taking a pill or starving ourselves will do us good. In the end, you end up going to your bad diet before you started your weight loss and you find that you gain weight like crazy. It's harder to accomplish big changes like cutting your diet by 2000 calories, or going and running for 5 miles in one workout without starting small, or starving your body. It just doesn't work.

3. How Do We Rethink Dieting and Weight Loss?
The first thing that we need to do is re-evaluate our New Year's resolutions. If your resolution is too big, then redo your resolution. How do you tell if it's too big? If you want to lose 20+ pounds in two weeks, then you guys need to rethink it. In order to lose 20 pounds, you need 2+ months that will give you time to lose that weight healthily. Choose a better and more reachable resolution or goal. Choose something like losing two pounds a week, or 5 pounds a month, or small like these.

This is our post on rethinking dieting and weight loss. I implore you to implement these tips into your dieting and weight loss to really get started and give it a boost. The great thing about under shooting your goals and resolutions is that you will have a greater percentage of accomplishing them. If you guys can share these tips with your family and friends and comment or like our post, we would be greatly appreciative. Have a great day guys!

~Obesity Overload

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