Friday, February 20, 2015

Too Comfortable in Our Obesity?

Have ever felt like you just wanted to give up on your weight loss? Have you ever felt like getting used to being lighter is a lot of hard and difficult work that you don't want to do? I think that we are too comfortable in our fat and state of obesity that we don't realize that we are actually miserable and that we are dying at a more rapid pace. With every cookie, piece of pizza, piece of cake, scoop of ice cream, bowl of chips, and glass of soda, we are making it easier for our body to break down and wear sooner than we normally would.

1. Used to Our Clothes
We find that we are extremely comfortable in our big, over-sized, balloon-like t-shirts, pants, and sweats. We are used to being comfortable in hiding our fat with too much material. I find that we are either wearing WAY too big clothes that don't fit us, or we wear clothes that are WAY too small to the point where our fat is hanging out in different places. We need to strive to better ourselves by losing weight, and at the same time, we need to wear clothes that fit us just right. We need to get used to smaller clothes that aren't too tight and aren't too loose, but that are perfect fitting.

2. Used to Eating Junk
Another way that we are too comfortable in our obesity and fat is that we are used to eating junk. We get used to eating off of the value menus at restaurant, eating cheap food, and eating things that are generally junky and bad food. I feel like we need to have a different mindset in how we eat and how we think about food. We need to stop eating junk and killing ourselves. Our minds must be reformed and we must get used to eating better if we are going to succeed in our weight loss and fat loss.

3. Used to Feeling Bad
I think that we as people that are overweight and obese get into a mindset that we feel bad and we feel bad all the time. We feel bad because our fat is uncomfortable, our clothes are uncomfortable, we eat bad food, our view of ourselves is bad, and we don't focus on really trying to feel good. Who could possibly be comfortable in all of the situations that I mentioned? We feel bad and we feel that because its too much work, we would rather go back to the way that it was.

We need to stop being so comfortable in our fat and obesity. I feel like our world would be a better place if we all worked towards bettering ourselves. Our clothes are too big, we eat junk food, and we feel so bad while doing it. Why do we torture ourselves with being so comfortable in uncomfortable in where we are at? I think that we need to take on new mindsets and really change our weight loss to really mean something.

~Obesity Overload

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