Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kettlebells, Put Your Abs on the Stove

How many of us would just love it if our fat melted off without very little effort? What would you say if I told you that I have one piece of equipment that could do that? Would you be skeptical, or would you be willing to try it? What if I told you that you could feel results as soon as the VERY NEXT DAY?!? This piece of equipment needs no introduction. It may not be the most popular, but it is a fantastic piece of inexpensive equipment. It takes little to no space to work out.

Kettlebells are some of the best workout pieces of equipment that you can invest in for your body to get in the best shape of its life. It's basically a cannonball with a handle. It gives you the best workout on the planet in order to burn fat. It's like cutting out your abs, putting them on an extremely hot grill, and searing them until the fat just burns off on that stove. You will be surprised at how easy it will be to burn fat off. It's like High Intensity Interval Training combined with bodybuilding and cardio all rolled into one big workout that takes less than 30 minutes depending on how intense your workout is. Kettlebells take movements that are somewhat irregular, and then it incorporates those movements into a killer fat burn. Let's break it down!

1. Quick Results as Soon as The Next Day?
I'm very happy to say that you will be extremely sore the next day. If you work out with kettlebells, you will find them to be so effective that they will make you very sore. The thing is, the more sore you are, the more they will work. You get quick results because the kettlebells utilize muscles that you don't normally use. They range from a few pounds for women up to about a hundred pounds for kettlebell weight lifters. I found myself trying to get out of bed today and it was hard to stand up. I did a workout with a lot of deadlifts because I have more fat to burn on my glutes and thighs than most guys. If you are someone that needs results quick, there is no piece of equipment that is quicker at giving you results than kettlebells!

2. A Different Kind of Weight Loss?
Kettlebells give you a different kind of weight loss that is so new for some people that it will be mind blowing and unbelievable! The workouts that many a great athlete has used are so intense that the fat burning off is a lot like the process of making fried pig skins. Kettlebells cause you to do hip and ab thrusts in order to get the kettlebell to do what you want it to do. I felt my abs stretch and burn when I was working out. It not only builds the abdomen muscles underneath your fat, but it burns your fat as well. The reason that I have found that the weight loss with kettlebells is different is because it builds muscle first and then burns fat. Most of the time when you participate in a weight loss program, you are weak and your body suffers from not eating so much. With kettlebells, you feel your workout working, and you don't have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The bigger the muscles are, the more fat you burn.

3. Are Kettlebells Dangerous?
At first glance of the picture above, you may be asking yourself, "Aren't kettlebells dangerous?" The thing is, is that a lot of workout equipment is dangerous, even a small one pound dumbbell. Even a yoga mat can be dangerous. I would suggest working out with a kettlebell with shoes on as opposed to going barefoot. If you drop it on your foot, it could bruise your foot and add problems to your workout. I feel like a lot of people don't utilize these great pieces of equipment more because they are scared that they are going to get hurt from the kettlebell. The only way you're going to get hurt is if you misuse the kettlebell. I will have a kettlebell workout video at the bottom for you guys to follow. Men and women can both take part in making their bodies as lean as you want with this piece of equipment.

4. What Kind of Body Will Kettlebells Give Me?
I've kind of given you guys a glimpse of what kind of body you can get with kettlebells, but I want to elaborate a bit more. These kettlebells will give you a lot of lean and shredded muscle. Abs will become more visible as you shred and rip that fat off of your body. I find that I start to get more defined muscle than just the bulky, cookie cutter, muscle from machines. If you want to shed more fat off of your glutes and thighs like I do, then do more deadlifts. If you want to have better ab definition, then you can do twists. Whatever kind of body you want, you can tweak your workout in order to get to that body the quickest way possible. Kettlebells will also work on your legs, so you will be working out the rest of your body and doing leg day at the same time! Missing leg day is a thing of the past!

If I sound like I'm a believer in kettlebells and the many benefits of what they embody, I am! I believe that you can tone your body, cut those muscles, rip and shred that fat, and get to that lean body that you so want with a kettlebell that should cost you no more than about a dollar for each pound that you buy. If your kettlebell is 20 LB., then you should be paying around $20. There are some that are a combination of plates that you can remove to make your kettlebell lighter or heavier, these are more advanced. I would suggest that women start with 10 pounds and guys start with 15 pounds. This fine piece of weight burning equipment is probably the best piece of equipment I've ever found when it comes to weight loss. I think that everyone should participate in kettlebell exercises. If you want to get strong, lose weight, define muscle, get a body builders body, or get a body for MMA, I would suggest that you get a kettlebell, follow a video and get going. There is no time to lose! GO!

This workout is for beginners. I would suggest that you start with this unless you have a history of having done a workout or have been in sports before. This is not for the faint of heart. Women and men can do this. I would encourage you all to consider kettlebells. It will change your life!

~Obesity Overload

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