Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Going to Be Real!

In this blog post I was going to try and gain a little bit of credibility with you guys and with new readers that may be thinking about reading the blog. I want to sit here and type a blog post that will give you guys a little bit of history about me and why I am writing Obesity Overload. It's important to me because I feel that in order for this blog to be up there with some of the other weight loss gurus and blogs, I need to share about myself and be real with you guys. I am a real person and you guys deserve to know who I am, why I'm writing this blog, and why I care about each and every reader that reads this blog. Let's get going!

My HistorySo, I will start with a little bit of history about myself. My name is Jeremy Scharmann. I am a man in my 20's and I really like working out, even if I'm limited on the amount of time I have to work out. I live in one of the sunniest states in the United States. I am currently overweight myself, but I am, like you, trying to lose weight and better myself. I didn't want to write blog posts and you guys think that I can't relate to you guys. I CAN and I DO relate to you guys constantly. I have the fat that jiggles when I run, I used to get shin splints as if tomorrow were never going to come, I have done and tried multiple diets, I wear extra large clothes, but I am attempting with all that I have to get to my healthy weight.

Why Do I Write Obesity Overload?This is a pretty simple and straightforward question and you, the reader deserves to know why I write this blog. The simple and honest truth is that I feel bad for the obese people in this world, the overweight, and those people that find it hard to live because they are drowning in their own fat. Trust me, I know what it's like to be the fat kid! I was never really small as a child, and having big bones doesn't really help. I write Obesity Overload because I believe that our world, the international countries, the United States, and the universe itself is overweight, fat, and that we have an obesity overload on our hands. Our pants keep getting bigger in order to keep from tearing them when we bend over, and we get bigger shirts because we don't want our blubber to hang out of the bottom of the shirt.

Why Do I Give a Rip About My Readers?
Again, this is a simple question as to why I should give a rip or a care about people that I have never met before in my life. And again, I will give you a straightforward answer. I give a rip because I feel like there is a Rocky Balboa, and a Patrick Willis, and a Bruce Lee, and a Tom Brady, and a Mia Hamm, and a Jillian Michaels out there that is overweight and is waiting to be unleashed from their fatty demise. I give a rip because I know that people can change, drastically, in order to get their life back on track and become something great. I give a rip because I want to release the greatness in every single one of my readers!

I do hope that me being real with you folks gives you guys a better respect for me and for the blog. I know that there are better blogs out there, I will admit that, but I want you guys to read these blog posts that number 150+ and give us a shot to make you guys great. I want to help you guys like a best friend would help you guys. I am talking to you like your girlfriend that you chat it up with at the gym or like your buddy that is sitting down and having a beer with you. I want you guys to succeed and I wish all of my readers the best!

~Obesity Overload

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