Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gain Immunity and Lose Weight with These 7 Tips

How many of you guys have been sick with a cold or flu and your diet and weight loss seems to grind to a halt? Do you struggle with remaining healthy? If you're like me, then you are someone that finds it hard to be sick and lose weight at the same time. Today I wanted to write a blog post about how important it is to remain healthy in order to lose weight. We will give you some tips on how to remain healthy in order to lose weight in this cold and flu season. It's very depressing to me because I was getting back to my weight loss and then I got sick again. I've been struggling with being sick for about a month. It really hinders your weight loss. Let's beat it!

1. Wash Your Hands
This tip may be an oxi-moron and is one of the oldest tips in the book, but its effective! By washing your hands for more than 30 seconds, with hot water and soap, you destroy and eliminate most of the germs on your hands.

2. Stop Chewing Your Nails
If you are someone that chews on your nails, you are someone that is very vulnerable for getting sick, even above those people that don't wash their hands as much. Your fingernails are crevices that are filled with bacteria and flu and cold germs.

3. Drink Vitamin C
By drinking vitamin C or taking vitamins as a supplement in your diet, you can boost your immunity and keep your body from getting the cold and flu. Vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, supplements, and the antibodies in yogurt and iced tea are great for giving your body a fighting chance.

4. Stop Touching Your Face
I couldn't believe how important this tip was in my own life. I didn't think that I touched my face that much, but I do. When you touch your nose, mouth, and even your eyes with dirty hands, you will find yourself getting sick or starting to feel bad.

5. Stay Away From Sugar
Sugar is a fuel for bacteria and germs because sugar lowers your immune system and makes it weaker. The reason is because your heartbeat works harder when you eat sugar and your body tires out quicker.

6. Go to Bed
Your body burns a candle when you are up and about. When you wake up early and go to bed late, you force your body to work and stay up on low fuel. You body utilizes all strength and energy to staying awake instead of giving some of it to your immune system. I would suggest getting 8-12 hours of sleep per night in order to get adequate rest.

7. Drink Water
By drinking water, you allow your body to run more efficiently. Water is like a fuel source for your body that becomes a harder to come by because we drink less during the winter and spring time because we don't sweat much. Drinking water purges the body of impurities and helps you to utilize more energy.

Implement these tips to remain healthy and lose weight. The cold and flu season is fully underway and we need to help our bodies combat colds and flus. Dieting and weight loss is really hard during the winter and spring months, but tips make it easier to stay healthy and remain strong during your weight loss and dieting. Comment and share your tips! Please share these tips with your family and friends! Thanks!

~Obesity Overload

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