Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 Reasons You Still Gain Weight Despite Your Weight Loss Atempts

Maybe you have been reading every one of our blog posts, and you just can't seem to lose any weight.
Does this sound familiar?
There may be reasons that are unknown to you, on why you gain weight despite your attempts to lose it.
I mean, who wants to try their hardest to lose weight, only to have it thrown back in their face?
I have had it happen to me all too often.
So, how do you deal with it?
You can get down and out, or you can read on and try to fix these problems to boost your weight loss!

Reasons Why You Have Weight Gain:
1. Medications
Medication side effects have suggested that you can gain weight without trying.
This is due to the effects that the medications have on your body.
Talk to your doctor about the weight gain and see if you can have it adjusted to a different medication.
2. Lack of Sleep
This one was a shocker to me when I first found out about it.
When you don't get enough sleep, your body is forced to overeat to compensate for the energy it has lost in the process of not getting sufficient sleep.
Try to sleep for an hour or two longer than you normally do, then work your way up to adding 2-3 hours.
3. Quitting Smoking
For those of you that may be quitting smoking, it can be difficult because your body craves nicotine.
Your body in turn, trades the nicotine that it used to consume for food and you end up gaining a bunch of weight. Try to catch yourself before you splurge.
4. Stress
When you are stressed out, whether it be at work, school, or other related places, your body will try to find comfort. It will turn to comfort foods and you will end up gaining a wholesome smack of weight.
Try to remain conscious on your eating habits, especially during stressful times. (Finals, deadlines, etc.)
5. Junk Food
Eating candy bars, chips, soda, ice cream, pizza and the plethora of other junk foods out there will not help you lose weight. My doctor told me to look at junk food as being a poison that will kill me.
The truth is that junk food will kill you if you eat enough of it, keep this in mind when you reach for it next time!
6. Physical Inactivity
This is kind of an oxymoron, but most people don't realize how immobile they are until they begin to gain weight like a hippopotamus.
Get going on that bike, running, basketball, swimming, soccer, lift weights, or throwing some fist to a punching bag!
7. Lifting Weights
If you are someone that has decided to lift weights to get the exercise bus moving, then you may have noticed weight gain.
This is a good thing, if you are on a good diet. (Balanced, without junk food, with fruits and vegetables)
Muscle weighs more than fat, so take heart, your muscle will make you gain more weight.
8. Eating and Going to Sleep
Eating and then immediately going to sleep can cause a hike in your weight gain.
The weight gain is caused by your food being left in your stomach for a long period of time.
The food sits and is not consumed, so your body puts it in fat cells.
Leave at least two hours after your last meal before you go to sleep.
9. Your Friends are Gaining Weight
Chances are that when you hang around your friends that are pigging out that you will begin pigging out as well. So, what do you do?
I'm not saying that you need to stop being friends, but stop pigging out with them.
Choose something healthy when you guys go out to eat!
10. Slow Metabolism
Having a slow metabolism can cause you to gain a truckload of weight.
In order to speed up your metabolism you can eat something spicy with your meal, drink something citric, and stay active in exercising.

Now that we have looked at these reasons for weight gain despite your attempts to lose it, fix these problems and give yourself a chance to defeat obesity, once and for all!
Have a good day, my friends!
~Obesity Overload

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