Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Secret of Diet Soda!

For years you drank diet soda thinking that you were doing yourself a favor, when in fact, it is thought that diet soda is just as bad as regular soda.
We are going to go through some facts about diet soda and we will see if diet soda will remain the better of the two.
The controversy stops here!

1. Bad For Diabetics
The natural sweetener aspartame worsens the effects that diabetes has on the body.
It causes insulin control problems and therefore causes the diabetic to want to eat more and gain weight.
2. Both Diet and Regular Sodas Deprive Bone Density
Both diet and regular sodas deprive the body of it's bone density because of the acid in each of the sodas. So, no matter if you drink diet or non-diet soda, it doesn't matter.
3. Caffeine The Same
Caffeine is the same in both diet and regular soda the majority of the time.
Again, it doesn't matter whether you drink diet or not, the side effects are still the same.
4. Diet, Less Sugar Less Calories
Diet soda has less sugar and less calories overall. This is a good thing, but doesn't do much in the way of it being better for you. Sure, you do consume less calories allowing you to drink more and eat more calories, but is it worth it?
5. Diet Soda = Dehydration
Diet soda in a diuretic. Which means that the sweeteners cause the person consuming it to have to go to the restroom more frequently. That, along with the caffeine deprive your body from the water it needs.
6. Diet Causes Cell Damage
The consumer opens themselves up to having an increase in chances for disease. The sodium benzoate, a preservative, works together with vitamin c to produce a carcinogenic called benzene. Studies have shown that the sodium benzoate may damage the mitochondria found in your DNA cells causing your cells to sometimes malfunction, giving you risk for Parkinson's, cirrhosis of the liver, or neuro-degenerative diseases.

Now that we have looked at the effects of diet soda on the body, we can come to the conclusion that it, along with regular soda is bad for the body!
So, what do I drink then?
There are natural fruit juices that are tasty, or if you want that fizzy bubbly taste, you can drink sparkling water.
Steer clear from both types of soda!
You and your diet will be better for it.
~Obesity Overload

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