Friday, December 21, 2012

Weight Loss Plateau, How to Rise Above!

...that time when you can't seem to lose any more weight!
Isn't it freakishly annoying?
Everyone that has been a serious diet has had a weight loss plateau.
The closer you get to your target goal the closer you get to your weight loss plateau.
Today we are going to talk about what occurs during the weight loss plateau and how to rise above to lose that weight that you need to reach your goal weight.

What Happens During a Plateau?
1. Quick Weight Loss Slows
If you are a big loser, meaning that, if you lose weight quickly, then you can expect to slow during a plateau.
Your body gets used to consuming a certain amount of calories, so you should change it up a little bit.

2. Stress Levels
You may have hit a stress level that leaves you subconsciously eating more than you think.

3. Junk Food
Eating more junk food that has the same calories as good food is still going to be fattier for you and worse for your body. Just because it has the same calories does not mean that it is equal in nutrition.

What to Do About It?

1. Reevaluate Your Caloric Intake
If you have put down the pencil and paper on monitoring your calories, then you need to pick them back up and begin monitoring them again.
It may be that you have begun to slowly revert back to old eating habits, especially during the holidays.

2. Relax
Take a few moments a day to relax. Sit down and take a deep breath.
If you are into yoga, then take up yoga; if you are into meditation, then take up meditation.
If you are into neither, then sit down with a nice cup of coffee and thoroughly enjoy it.

3. Cut Out the Junk
Yes, you heard it right! I know that this may sound harsh.
I like candy and soda as much as the next person, but it is terrible for weight loss.
Take into account how much junk you have been eating lately.

4. Watch Overeating at Restaurants
You could be overeating at restaurants and not even know it.
This is a common mistake with people trying to lose weight.
Just because it looks better for you doesn't mean that it is, really make sure its better for you.

5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
If you are someone that has been a light consumer of fruits and vegetables, it may be time to really focus on eating more for your benefit.
The last thing a person on a diet wants to hear is what I'm telling you, but if you want to push past the plateau and get that great body that you have wanted for a long time.

6. Wear a Pedometer
If you wear a pedometer, then you can monitor how far you walk in a day and figure in a few more steps to boost your fat loss.

Push past that weight loss plateau, rise above!
I hope that you have a good holiday season!
Remember to enjoy yourself with your family, but don't overly splurge.
Your weight loss coach,
~Obesity Overload  

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