Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Goodies and Keeping the Weight Off

Hey guys, so I have been really busy, getting gifts for Christmas and doing holiday stuff.
I thought I would cut down on posts and give you really good blog posts as opposed to a bunch of smaller, not so good posts.
So we are going to talk about keeping the weight off during the holiday season.
We all love egg nog, different pies, cakes, figgy puddings, and hams, but are all of these holiday goodies things that we need to eat?
Let's take a look!

1. Moderation
Eating everything in moderation means eating a little bit until comfortably full.
So much of the time we eat everything in chaos as if we can eat all of it and it won't have an effect on our bodies. Eat a little bit of a Christmas treat, then move on.
Try to keep the sweets to a low and eat to be comfortably full as opposed to overly stuffed.

2. Sweets
Keep the sweets to a low roar.
They are normally hyped up with sugar and fat that your body does not need more of.
Also, with there being more colds and the flu going around, your body should not be compromised by sugar.
Sweets are very fattening.

3. Water
Staying hydrated during the holidays will allow you to eat less because your stomach will be partially filled with water. In saying this, do not over drink and be waterlogged to the point of not being able to enjoy the holidays.
What I'm saying is, trick your body into eating less than you normally would by drinking a glass of water before a meal.

4. Breads, Cakes, Pies
Breads, cakes, and pies are something that we eat more of during the holidays.
They are normally filled with a lot of sugar and fat.
Eating very little of these will give you some satisfaction and you can avoid a lot of extra weight.

5. Take a Run
Taking a run even if it is short once a day will cut on the fat that your body stores.
Even if it is a jog or a walk, it is better than sitting on your rear end for hours and days at a time.
Get up and get going!

Mainly, stay away from sugars, eat in moderation, and get going.
Follow these tips and you can't go wrong!
I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post and have a great holiday season!
~Obesity Overload

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