Friday, December 14, 2012

Energy Drinks, A Tasty Dose of Death?

Okay, okay, so your concerned about energy drinks with all this talk of people dying from them. I too would want to know what in the world was happening with them. In this blog post I am going to go over some aspects to energy drinks including how much it takes for toxicity.
So, let's get started as we explore energy drinks.

1. Caffeine
Energy drinks contain huge amounts of caffeine within the walls of that can or bottle.
Caffeine was originally used in sports to enhance endurance when running hard short distances.
One cup of coffee has 18-48mg of caffeine, and energy drinks sometimes have the caffeine of three or four cups of coffee.
While it would take an astronomical amount of caffeine to die, it has been suggested that caffeine contributes to toxicity as well as other factors we will discuss.

2. Ginseng and Taurine
Ginseng is used in energy drinks to decrease stress levels and increase energy levels.
This is one of those contributing factors that helps with toxicity with caffeine.
Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that occurs in the body.
It is used to regulate heartbeats and muscle contractions.
It too has been suggested that taurine coupled with caffeine can make for a high that can be toxic at high dosages.

3. Guarana Seed Extract
Guarana seed extract is also a stimulant that is present in energy drinks.
It contains high levels of caffeine that boost caffeine levels to even higher rates!
It is also an appetite suppressant.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol is mixed in energy drinks by some people.
Alcohol is very toxic when consumed at huge amounts.
Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can and is deadly.

5. Dose of Death?
Some energy drinks have deadly amounts of minerals in them, but you would have to drink so much of it that it would take so many to kill you. Nonetheless, there are too many people with high blood pressure, heart problems and other body malfunctions that drink energy drinks when they should not be drinking them. I mean, would you rather be groggy from not drinking the drink, or would your rather drink it and be subconsciously killing yourself.

So, we can see that energy drinks have had a bad rap. I would suggest in my opinion to stay away from energy drinks. Energy drinks are deadly, especially for smaller body types and children. This is just my opinion. These amounts of caffeine and taurine put together with ginseng and guarana seed extract make for a deadly combination. Energy drinks were not made for children, they were made for consenting adults. If you are an adult, drink responsibly and be wise!

*DISCLAIMER* I am not saying that people should drink them to overdose and die. Furthermore, I do not take any responsibility for anyone dying or getting hurt.

~Obesity Overload

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