Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

Hey guys, I have been really busy with musical programs and all sorts of stuff. 
I was wanting to reflect back on the past couple of weeks and the first steps to weight loss. 
I would like you guys to comment and tell us how much weight you have lost with following our steps and tips.

I have been working on losing weight and have lost 6.5 pounds!
I have been following the weight loss progress with you guys.
You are not alone in your weight loss.
I have dropped a pant size and am at size 38 in men's. 

I will share a weight loss tip with you that has been something that I have really been striving for.
My weight loss tip is: "Leave Three Hours After Your Last Meal Before You Go To Bed."
By eating an earlier dinner you digest easier and fully.
Then the calories and fat don't stay in your stomach the whole night.

Post your weight loss story with us in the comment box below!
We want to hear from you!

~ObESiTy OveRLoAd

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